Clean Your Car’s Interior Using Homemade Cleaners

male cleaning car dashboard
You will likely spend more money on a vehicle than on most things you purchase. You will also rely on your vehicle every day to perform well. In addition, you want your car to look nice – inside and out. If your vehicle’s interior gets dirty, it can start to... [read more]

Learn How To Make Fabric Pumpkins For This Fall

Hand made fabric pumpkins
When you think of fall décor, a few items probably come to your mind. For example, pumpkins are synonymous with this time of year. You can use real pumpkins to place on the doorstep or strategically around the house. However, fabric pumpkins work well too. You can make these yourself... [read more]

Book Your Tee Time For This Weekend

Golfer's hand putting a golf ball on tee in golf course.
If you’re an avid golfer, there is almost no bad time to hit the links and practice your game. That is why you’ll see golfers in Decatur, out on the course in the rain and cold. Fall is a great time for golf, and there are a couple of local... [read more]

Enjoy The Day At The Children’s Museum Of Illinois

Young black girl looking at a science exhibit, close up
Decatur is home to unique and special attractions all within reach, like the Children’s Museum of Illinois. This beloved museum is a family favorite full of exhibits that teach and inspire kids and adults. Located near the equally enchanting Scovill Zoo, the Children’s Museum can provide endless fun and learning... [read more]

Refresh Your Car with These 10 DIY Projects

Car air perfume freshener bottle inside the car on chrome car panel. Aromatic liquid in the small bottle.
That new car smell can’t last forever. Over time, other less pleasant aromas will creep in. And it’s even more challenging to keep your car smelling nice if you have kids or pets. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to clear the air inside your car. Check out... [read more]

Enjoy A Day On Lake Decatur

Teaching my boy how to paddle
Completed in 1922, just east of downtown Decatur, IL, Lake Decatur offers scenic views and a home for wildlife. In addition, there are many places for locals to relax and play along the banks of this large reservoir. There are tons of activities to choose from, including boating, fishing, and... [read more]

Overnight Oats Are The Perfect Make-Ahead Breakfast

overnight oats
Some people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After all, you don’t want to begin a new day feeling sluggish or worn out. A hearty, filling breakfast will give you the energy you need. Plus, you should focus on healthy meals for breakfast. Overnight oats... [read more]

Take A Look Inside The 2023 Elantra

Hyundai Elantra
Through the years, the Hyundai Elantra has been one of the steadiest, most dependable cars in its class. The 2023 version should follow this formula. In addition, like its predecessors, it will boast some comfortable and convenient features inside. These will make your rides more enjoyable. Wherever you go in... [read more]

Escape The Ordinary At Benny’s Grill

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Wrap
When you think of a good restaurant, you probably list great food and excellent service as two of the most important aspects. Furthermore, it’s important to have a good variety of items to choose from. When it comes to good places to eat in Decatur, IL, Benny’s Grill beats the... [read more]