When To Rotate & Balance Your Tires

A mechanic changes a tire in a car repair shop.
When it comes to maintaining cars, most people do a great job. Based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, they take their vehicles in for oil changes, new filters, and fluid fill-ups. But some forget about rotating and balancing the tires. This is just one service provided by Bob Brady Hyundai in... [read more]

Six Simple Steps Can Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Cleaner doing deep washing of sofa
Like most people, you’re ready for the cold winter to end. After all, that means warmer weather that’s perfect for gardening and other outside activities. However, this is when you also need to focus on something you don’t enjoy – spring cleaning. Instead of dreading this task, make this year’s... [read more]

Try This Traditional St. Patrick’s Day Recipe

A classic boiled dinner of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, onions, and carrots.
Whether you’re Irish or not, there’s one dish that most people make to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day – traditional corned beef and cabbage. First, it’s delicious, and second, it’s hearty. However, some people complain that it takes too much effort to make. Well, not this recipe. Even better, your family... [read more]

Do You Need To Assess Your Vision?

Close-up Of african teen girl Doing Eye Test On Phoropter, African teen girl checking on her eye with optometry machine.
Most people in the U.S. have good vision and need very little or no help to see. But there is a significant group of people who have vision problems, and many of them do not use any corrective options. February is Low Vision Awareness Month. Learn more about low vision and... [read more]

Discover The Hyundai Venue

2023 Venue
Hyundai is bucking the trend in an era where cars feel less affordable. With the 2023 Venue, drivers can get a great subcompact SUV packed with all the necessary features to complete every mission. Getting from one place to another in the city can be a chore, but discover the Hyundai... [read more]

Tips For A Perfect Mardi Gras Masquerade Party

Assorted Mardi Gras or Carnivale mask on a purple background
Are you thinking of throwing a party that will be exciting for everyone who attends? A masquerade party is what your looking for because your guest can enjoy themselves by dressing up and wearing mask. This elegant affair is something that everyone will want to take part in. You'll need... [read more]

Plan A Great Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine's Day is coming up fast. Time for couples to enjoy romantic times together. But what if you'd rather get together with friends instead? Nothing wrong with that. Here are some ideas for you to plan a great Valentine's Day party. Flower Arranging Don't just run to the florist for a nice... [read more]

5 Winter Art Projects For Kids

A female high school student is babysitting a young boy. She is giving him a piggyback. They are both doing some paint activity.
Like other parents, you love the wintertime. After all, this is when you and your kids spend time in the kitchen baking cookies. It’s also the time of year when they open Christmas presents and build snowmen. However, at some point, the excitement wears off. To keep your kids busy,... [read more]

Winter Driving Tips

One man, a handsome young man traveling through a snow-covered forest, sits behind the wheel and enjoys a winter ride.
Anyone who lives in a region with snow and cold temperatures should review winter driving tips. It doesn’t matter if you’ve driven in the winter for years or you’re just learning. These tips will enhance your safety while on the road. Remember, your vehicle has different maintenance needs in the... [read more]

7 Tips For Shoveling This Winter

woman using plastic snow shovel to remove heavy snow from the sidewalk.See more related images in my Winter Snow Removal lightbox:
Millions of people shovel snow off their driveways and sidewalks every winter. However, for some, this can cause some big problems. After all, this task requires a lot of physical effort. So, if someone’s not in good shape, they risk a fall or worse. Then, other people don’t have the... [read more]