Tips On How To Beat The Heat

Tips On How To Beat The Heat

Does it seem like each summer is hotter than the last? Those hot and humid summers are not very comfortable, but you can turn things around this year. Check out some simple tips for beating the heat this summer from Stacker.

Choose Cotton Clothing

Cotton is lightweight and breathable, making it the ideal fabric during the summer. You should also choose lightly colored clothing. Lightly colored clothes will not draw in the heat like dark blue or black clothing. If you go this route, then you will not sweat your way through the summer.

Sleep on Chilled Sheets

Unfortunately, the heat does not necessarily go away when the sun goes down. Instead, it can feel like a sauna indoors, even with your air conditioner running. That is a huge problem at night when you are trying to go to sleep, so it is a good idea to chill your sheets before bed. You only need to put a folded top sheet in a freezer bag and then place it in the freezer. Then remove it from the freezer when you are ready for bed, and use it as a cover.

Stay Hydrated

Your body needs ample amounts of water to remain cool. If you are dehydrated, then your body will heat up naturally, making it nearly impossible to beat the heat. Make a point of drinking glasses of water throughout the day. You will feel much cooler when your body has enough fluid to regulate your body temperature.

Eat Out or Grill

You might love to cook, but you probably do not enjoy the heat your oven or stovetop creates. Keep things cool this summer by dining out, ordering food pickup, or grilling your meals outdoors. Then you will not have to wait for your house to cool off after you finish preparing meals.

Eat the Right Foods

Continuing with the topic of food and cooking, choosing the right foods can also go a long way in keeping you comfy this summer. Fresh fruit is an excellent choice because it contains lots of hydrating water. Also, you can cool off by adding a little spice to your diet. It may seem counterproductive, but dishes with chili peppers will cause you to sweat, which has a cooling effect.

But what about ice cream? Sure, it feels cool going down, but it can make you feel warmer when you are done. If you decide to go for the ice cream, then ensure you are in a cool spot so you do not overheat.

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Refrigerate Skincare Products

You will enjoy a burst of coolness by applying skincare products that have been refrigerated. Sure, the coolness will not last, but it will grant you a reprieve from the stifling heat.

Keep these tips in mind so you can fend off the heat when it warms up outside. These tips are effective whether you are indoors or outside.

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