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April Showers Bring These May Flowers

Man gardening holding Marigold flowers in his hands
Is your green thumb ready to work some magic this spring? Well, all the snow is gone and the days are warming up nicely. So, it won't be long before you can go full steam ahead in your garden. But, if you want to get started now, several flowers will... [read more]

Spring Is Coming: Tips For Planting Your Garden

Little boy and his father gardening in spring
Have you tried your hand at gardening in the past but never gotten the results you want? It’s not because you don’t have the skills to grow a healthy, robust garden. Instead, you’re likely making a few mistakes that make it hard for plants to grow. You can put that... [read more]

Spruce Up Your Container Garden This Season

Photo of young woman taking care of her plants on a rooftop garden
A new season is upon us, which means it is time to work on your garden! Although, what region you are located in will determine when you are able to start working on your spring garden. Even if the colder months drag out longer than expected, there are certain plants... [read more]