April Showers Bring These May Flowers

Man gardening holding Marigold flowers in his hands

Is your green thumb ready to work some magic this spring? Well, all the snow is gone and the days are warming up nicely. So, it won’t be long before you can go full steam ahead in your garden. But, if you want to get started now, several flowers will thrive wonderfully after the April showers. Check out this list of beautiful warm-season annuals to plant this May.


Sunflowers, as their name suggests, are bright and sunny flowers than can add a cheerful radiance to your landscape. These flowers grow best when planted from mid to late May. They germinate in under a week and will rapidly grow to maturity by the end of August. Once they’re fully grown, these flowers will stand four to five feet tall. Plant these flowers to enjoy their large, thick, daisy-like blooms in shades of yellow and orange.


With marigolds, you’ll have the best results if you plant them during the middle portion of the month. These orange blossoms are similar to sunflowers in the fact that they prefer a lot of direct sunlight. They differ from sunflowers in height though and only grow to between eight and 36 inches. If you plan to plant garden vegetables later in the season, you’ll enjoy the fact that marigolds have properties that will help deter pests. So, not only are they gorgeous to look at, they can help protect the rest of your garden.

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Zinnia’s bloom in June or July when they are planted during May and are a great option for your window box. Unlike our other two May options, Zinnias prefer to have a little shade, so don’t plant them in direct sunlight. These flowers have blooms in a wide variety of shades from bright yellow to deep pink. They can grow as tall as three feet and might bloom to be a full 12-inches wide. If you choose these flowers make sure to plant them in an area with well-draining, fertile soil.

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