4 Eggcellent DIY Easter Decorations

Natural green Easter ivy wreath on the door

Are you getting excited about Easter? It’ll be here soon, but you still have time to prepare. That includes getting your decorations ready. Instead of buying them, check out these four DIY Easter decorations. They’re easy to make and will take your celebration to the next level.

1.      Pom-pom Bunny Wreath

Do you want your neighbors and guests to know you’re in the festive spirit this Easter? You can welcome them at the door with a pom-pom bunny wreath. You’ll need:

  • A 12-inch craft ring
  • 17 large white pom-poms
  • White and pink felt

You’ll begin by using a hot-glue gun to attach the pom-poms to the craft ring. Then cut two ears out of the felt before attaching them with glue. Finally, glue the ears to the back of the ring and hang it on your door.

2.      Button Eggs

Are you going to dye some eggs for an Easter egg hunt? You can throw in some extras to create button eggs.

First, grab some buttons to use. They can be any color you want, so mix it up. Then dye the eggs the same colors as the buttons. For instance, if you have purple and pink buttons, dye some eggs pink and the rest purple.

Next, give the dye plenty of time to dry before using a hot glue gun to affix the buttons to them. You have a couple of options for this. You can cover the entire egg in buttons or create a band of buttons around the center. After you finish, put them in a small basket and place them on the table.

3.      Dip-dyed Baskets

You can turn candy into a work of art with this dip-dyed basket project. First, you need to get a cotton basket and fabric dye. Then place the top quarter of the basket into the dye. After it dries, fill the basket with moss, and top that with candy. Your Easter candy will be cute as it could be.

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4.      Easter Bunny Decoration

If you want something impressive but easy to make, this is the craft for you. Start by grabbing a pink crepe paper ball to transform into the Easter bunny. Then make whiskers, eyes, and ears out of craft paper. Only cut out the whites of the eyes, though. Glue those items onto the crepe paper ball before adding the finishing touches. Once everything is in place, glue black pom-poms to the eyes for pupils and a white pom-pom between the whiskers to serve as the nose.

Because these crafts are simple, you can get the entire family involved. Then you’ll create some fun memories leading up to Easter. You also might end up with a family tradition.

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