Tips For Planning A Picnic

Woman taking photos and videos of food during picnic while preparing food

The weather is fine and warm, and the days are long. It’s the perfect time for a picnic outdoors with family or friends. Picnics offer people a way to slow down and savor their time and food with the people they care about. If you haven’t been on a picnic lately, then you’ll love these tips for planning the perfect outing.

Plan Your Menu

Picnics are great because you can make your food choices as simple or complex as you like. You could bring a basket full of delicious fruits, nuts, and cheeses for a quiet time with a partner. Crisp and savory crackers and sliced gourmet sausage round out this menu option. Another choice is to select some make-ahead recipes that you can chill and don’t require heating to eat. Salads, cold plates of pasta, and sandwiches offer filling choices you can prep well before heading out for the picnic.

Make a Picnic Kit

While the cute picnic basket is iconic, it isn’t the best choice for every outing. Of course, the basket might work great for a small group. But if you like to bring the family along, think about making a picnic kit in a large plastic tote. You can fill it with plates, cups, and utensils. In addition, don’t forget the napkins and a cleanup kit. Finally, add a good sunblock and a small first aid kit.

Bring a Second Tote for Games

For some, a picnic is a chance to relax and soak up the sun and fresh air. But many people love to play some outdoor games before or after eating. You can create a games tote with your family’s favorite games, such as frisbee or bocce ball. So whether you picnic in the local park or near a national park, you’ll have plenty of things at hand to make the whole event more fun.

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Pack Smarter

You can do a few things to make it easier to set up your picnic. In fact, one simple technique is to pack in reverse. Pack the things you’ll need last first into your tote. Then when you arrive, the most important stuff is on top within reach. In addition, you can use any tote or box to pack your picnic. The important thing is getting the food and supplies to your picnic spot. Finally, cut down on the weight of supplies and bring condiment packs from fast-food restaurants.

Don’t forget to bring a bag or container for the trash, especially if you’re going to a place with no trash can. And a tablecloth can make a world of difference. Smart picnic planning lets you focus on what’s important, spending time with your loved ones!

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