The Perfect Cookout Recipes For Memorial Day

Barbecue party in our backyard

Most people like to enjoy Memorial Day by grilling in the backyard or at a local park. It’s usually the first cookout of the season, and that means that your menu needs to be superb. Take a look at our list below to get the right mix of savory, hearty, and refreshing dishes to serve on Memorial Day.

Light and Refreshing Memorial Day Sides and Drinks

Your Memorial Day entrées are likely to include a meaty menu of burgers, hotdogs, ribs, or wings. And it wouldn’t be right if they weren’t all smothered in a delicious homemade barbeque sauce. But all that meat can be a bit much for some people. Make sure to prepare a few dishes on the lighter side to make sure all your guests are happy.

Savory Memorial Day Side Dishes

On the other side of the table, whip up a few dishes that will complement the meaty main dishes. They should be hearty, flavorful, and yummy enough to keep your guest coming back for seconds.

Hearty Memorial Day Main Dishes

Preparing a successful Memorial Day entrée isn’t as simple as tossing meat on a hot grill. Check out the recipes below for a few tips, tricks, and ideas for making the best burgers, wings, and other grilled favorites.

Sweet Memorial Day Deserts

No meal is complete without something sweet to top it off with. Try one or two of these patriotic desserts for your Memorial Day cookout.

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Remember the Soldiers

The tradition of having a cookout with friends and family has become a mainstay for Memorial Day. But we encourage everyone to take a moment during the day to reflect on the sacrifices that have made our country what it is. If you have family members, friends, or loved ones who have given the greatest sacrifice for our country, the team at Bob Brady Hyundai sends you our deepest gratitude.

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