Take The Family To The Spitler Woods State Natural Area

Spitler Woods State Natural Area

Don’t you love that warmer weather is going to be coming to the Decatur area soon? Before you know it, you’ll get to enjoy the sun and higher temps daily. That means you might want to try to get out of the house sometime and spend more time in the great outdoors. But where should you go? Luckily, there are plenty of places you can go to in Decatur that offer gorgeous natural surroundings. However, the Spitler Woods State Natural Area may be one of the best. With plenty of places to explore and lots of facilities to take advantage of, it’s somewhere you’ll want to visit as soon as a warm day rolls around. Check out what to expect when you get there.


Who doesn’t love hiking? It’s the best way to explore new outdoor areas, and anyone can do it. This natural area has plenty of hiking trails, so you can see the best the area has to offer. Get the family together and go on a short hike. Your family can also try something a bit longer if you think the little ones are up to it. Of course, before you go on any hike, you’ll want to remember to bring plenty of water with you. It never hurts to have some snacks on hand as well.


Once the weather really starts to warm up, you may want to take your outdoor adventures a step further and spend the night in the natural area. There are camping spots set up for just those purposes. This is a fun and relatively inexpensive activity to do with your family. Besides, it will encourage your kids to have a greater appreciation of nature and all it has to offer.

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Sometimes, you don’t really want to exert that much effort but still want to take advantage of all the beautiful nature that’s around you when you live in Decatur, Illinois. That’s when a picnic is in order. Since this natural area has a shelter, you can easily eat your picnic there if you prefer not to eat on the ground. You can also reserve the shelter if you want to throw a party or a celebration there.

There are so many different things to do and see when you come out to the Spitler Woods State Natural Area, so make your plans to come out as soon as you have time on a warm day.

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