Sidewalk Chalk Games

Sidewalk Chalk Games

Sidewalk Chalk Games

When your kids get bored inside the house this summer, send them outside. While you may not want them to wander off to far, there is plenty of fun to be had outdoors as long as your kids have a sidewalk and some chalk. While nostalgic of yesteryear, these sidewalk games are still as fun today as they were when you were a child. Active for Life offers several sidewalk chalk games that your children will want to try this season.


They say that this game has been played for over three hundred years. If it has entertained kids for that long, then playing a couple of rounds of hopscotch is certain to amuse your children as well. Your kids can get creative in how they draw the boxes and disperse the numbers. The squares can be big or small and in various colors.

Avoid the Shark

This game may be new to you, but help your kids to draw ‘beaches’ that are each a different color. The beaches need to be separated in a range of distances. Blue chalk will obviously be used to create the ocean as well as shark fins that are coming out of the water. The water will be drawn in between the beaches. The object of the game is for the kids to jump from beach to beach without accidentally landing in the water with the sharks!

Four Square

This is another favorite game played by kids during recess, but you can set the game up at home as well. Simply draw four boxes inside a giant square. Each box should have a number, and the number is from 1 to 4. You will also need a bouncy ball for this game.

The person in square four will start the game by bouncing the ball in their square in such a way that it moves to one of the other three squares. The ball must bounce once in the square before the next player hits the ball to bounce into a new square. Kids get out of the game when the ball does not hit any of the squares or the receiver lets the ball bounce more than once. Though there are only four squares, many people can play. Once some is out, a new player can take their spot, while they move to the back of the line.

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Chalk Maze

Chalk Maze is another thing you can do with your kids on the sidewalk with some chalk. More of an activity than a game, this can be adjusted for any kid of any age. Using lines, circles, and other shapes, create a maze for your kids. Your kids may enjoy creating the maze themselves. Then let them and their siblings or friends work to get out of the maze. Your kids will have just as much fun creating the maze as they do trying to get through the maze.

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