Roll Over To Asia House For Dinner

Gentleman in sushi bar

Do you need a break from cooking but don’t want to spend a ton of money on dinner? You can enjoy fresh Japanese and Chinese cuisine without breaking the bank at Asia House in Decatur, IL. The eatery has a menu full of your favorites, and you’ll get heaping helpings when eating here. Find out more about the popular restaurant, including the divine sushi and lo mein.

Two Menus to Choose From

When you eat at Asia House, you’ll have access to two separate menus. First, there’s the Japanese menu, which includes a vast assortment of sushi and other items. Now, if you’re in the mood for sushi, check out the Nigiri Sushi Deluxe. It comes with a tuna roll and 10 pieces of assorted sushi. The sushi is expertly prepared, full of flavor, and much more affordable than you’ll find at other places.

And then there’s the Chinese menu, which contains so many options that you can come back dozens of times without eating the same thing twice. As tempting as the entire menu is, some dishes stand out, including the Kung Pao Chicken and House Special Lo Mein. Oh, and the Singapore Chow Mei Fun might be the best you can find stateside. No matter what you order, you can expect fresh ingredients and a perfect blend of flavors.

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Get to Know the Friendly Staff

You can order online to pick up your food or stop by to eat inside the restaurant. Either way, you’ll be treated to the friendliest staff around. After you come a few times, they’ll remember you and stop to chat. They truly put their customers first and will make you feel like you’re part of the family.

With delicious food, on-point service, and low prices, it’s easy to see why Decatur residents love Asia House. And the hearty portions mean you can leave with leftovers, providing yet another reason to dine here. Thus, head over tonight for dinner, and break out your leftovers for lunch tomorrow. It’s so good that you’ll be excited about eating it two days in a row.

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