Spend A Family Day At Rock Springs Conservation Area And Nature Center

Rock Springs Conservation Area and Nature Center

Now that warm weather is approaching, it may be time to get rid of that cabin fever and start planning some adventures in the great outdoors. There are various places to hike and explore in the Decatur, Illinois, area. You wouldn’t have any problems finding a spot to check out. Just one of those places is the Rock Springs Conservation Area and Nature Center. This may be one of the most beautiful natural spots in town, and it’s easy to get to if you live in the local area. It’s definitely someplace you’ll want to check out if you’re on the lookout for new hiking spots or just places to have a nice picnic. Here’s just some of what you’ll find here.

Go Hiking

One of the best ways to explore nature? Hiking it is. After all, you don’t need any special skills or equipment to do it. As a result, anyone can get on the trail and go for a hike. That means you can bring your entire family along, even if you have little ones with you. Since this conservation area is so gorgeous, you’ll have a great time spending a day out on the trails. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water with you!

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Nature Center Events

Of course, you’ll probably want to explore all that nature has to offer in this area, but what about other activities? There are always events going on at the nature center, so you never know what you might find there. On March 5, you’ll find the Cross Country Classics there in the evening. Go check it out if you want to cheer on the runners. The next Saturday, March 7, is going to be a volunteer herbicide training day. On other days, you can learn about invasive species in the state of Illinois and take a trip to interesting spots in the local area. You can even take your young children to an educational day in nature.

With so much going on at the Rock Springs Conservation Area and Nature Center, there’s a good chance you’re going to want to go there often. However, it’s going to be difficult for you to get just about anywhere in town if you don’t have a reliable vehicle you can always count on. That’s why you should come in to see us here at Bob Brady Hyundai in Decatur, Illinois. We have just the kind of vehicles you’re looking for. Thus, we can provide you with something that will work for your entire family.

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