Refresh Your Car with These 10 DIY Projects

Car air perfume freshener bottle inside the car on chrome car panel. Aromatic liquid in the small bottle.

That new car smell can’t last forever. Over time, other less pleasant aromas will creep in. And it’s even more challenging to keep your car smelling nice if you have kids or pets. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to clear the air inside your car. Check out these 10 easy DIY projects to refresh your car.

A Scented Jar

A simple hack is to add some aroma beads to a mason jar with scented oil. You can also add candle dye if you plan to have your jar visible. In addition, you might want to use a hammer and nail to poke holes in the jar lid to let the scent escape while preventing the beads from spilling. This jar will fit neatly into a cup holder.

Tiny Cotton Ball Sachets

First, cut small scraps of tulle or netting. Then, soak one or two cotton balls in your favorite essential oil. Next, wrap them in the tulle, then tie them off with a scrap of ribbon. Finally, stash your little sachets in cubby holes and under seats.

Clear the Air

Of course, sometimes, you don’t want to scent the air; you want to get rid of a stinky odor. For example, one option is to buy a deodorizing bag or sachet that contains odor-absorbing charcoal.

Double-Duty Cup Holders

If you like changing your car’s scent often, try adding several drops of essential oil to a cosmetic cotton pad. This pad will easily fit into the bottom of your car’s cup holders, and you’ll still be able to place a drink there if you need it. Then, when the scent fades, you can replace it with a new aroma.

A Gentle Mist

Perk up stale-smelling seats and floors with a spray bottle of vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water. It might not smell great at first, but the vinegar and alcohol in the spray can help neutralize the bad smells stuck in your car’s fabric. Try spraying your vehicle down and letting it dry out. Eventually, the vinegar smell will go away, and so will the stink.

Dryer Sheet Designs

Dryer sheets are great for leaving a gentle, pleasant smell in your car. You can make them into a fun display by printing a cute design. Then, staple several dryer sheets in between your printed design. Next, cut the shape out, and punch a hole. Finally, hang your finished creation from the rearview mirror.

Made of Clay

Create unique designs in clay that you’ll want to display in your car. Use air-drying clay and tools or cookie cutters to create your air freshener. Don’t forget to make a hole to hang your clay air freshener. You can add essential oils to it once in a while to sweetly scent your car.

Baking Soda Jars

Baking soda is a great odor-neutralizer. However, keeping open boxes of baking soda in your car isn’t always a good idea. You can mix some baking soda with several drops of essential oil or just add baking soda to a jar with holes punched in the lid. Keep the jar in your cup holder to prevent it from spilling.

A Carpet Sprinkle

Of course, baking soda also makes a great carpet sprinkle. Punch holes in a jar lid, or save the top from a parmesan jar and screw it onto a mason jar. Sprinkle the baking soda on your floors and fabric seats and let it sit for several hours. Then, vacuum it up.

Hidden Helper

Dryer sheets are the star of the show again. Add a stack of about 10 dryer sheets to a zip lock bag with some holes. These bags stash easily under the seats for a hidden source of freshness that lasts a long time.

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Checking On Smells Is Car Maintenance

Sometimes, a foul smell is a sign that something is wrong. If you smell burning rubber, burning carpet, or the scent of gasoline that won’t go away, your car might need service. At Bob Brady Hyundai in Decatur, Illinois, the service department can get to the bottom of your bad smell. Make an appointment with a service technician today.


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