How To Properly Dispose Of Your Tree

Smiling couple tying Christmas tree to a car

Christmas has come and gone, and now, it’s time to dispose of your tree. You need to do this before it dries and becomes a fire hazard. However, you might find yourself putting it off because you aren’t quite sure what to do. Fortunately, it’ll be a breeze with these tree disposal tips.

How to Throw Away a Christmas Tree

If you want to throw away your tree, begin by removing the ornaments, lights, garland, skirt, and stand. Make sure to dump out the water in the tree stand so you don’t end up with a mess. Since it’s easy to spill the water, consider putting a bucket by your Christmas tree. Then, transfer the water from the stand to the bucket.

Next, cover your tree with a large plastic bag, sheet, or blanket. This will prevent additional needles from falling when you take the tree to the curb. Then, put the tree on the curb, making sure it isn’t the way of cars or pedestrians. Finally, call the large item pickup service if your garbage collector doesn’t pick up trees.

How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Do you want to recycle your tree? If so, remove everything from the tree, take it outside, and cut it into small chunks. Then, you can drop it off at a local recycling center. The center will be able to handle it since it’s cut into small pieces.

How to Repurpose Your Christmas Tree

Are you a little sad about the idea of parting with your Christmas tree? Instead of tossing it out, you can repurpose it. For instance, if you have a pond, consider using it for the fish. Cut it up and toss the pieces in the pond. Then, the fish will use it as a feeding area and refuge.

You can also cut up your tree to make ornaments for next year’s celebration. While there are lots of ways to do this, many people prefer cutting thin slices of wood off the trunk. Then, they use wood to create ornaments. Those thin chunks of wood also make fantastic coasters.

You can even use your tree to help you get ready for gardening next spring. Turn the trunk into mulch and spread it around to protect your plants and grass.

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How to Clean Up After Taking the Tree Down

No matter which option you choose, you’ll need to do some cleanup after removing the tree from your house. While your first thought might be to bring out the vacuum, the needles can clog it up. Thus, sweep the needles up into a dustpan and throw them away.

Then, make sure that your floors don’t have water damage from the tree stand. If you notice some spills, clean up the excess water and steam clean your carpets. That way, mold won’t build up.

These tips make it easy to dispose of or repurpose your Christmas tree. Use them now and keep the guide handy, so you can refresh your memory next year.

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