Beginner’s Guide To Perfect Holiday Lights

shiny Christmas decorations outside at night

Colder weather is fast approaching. Do you know what that means? ‘Tis the season for twinkling holiday lights! From lights for your tree to lights for your house, we’ve pulled together some popular options from Southern Living to brighten up your holiday.

5-mm Mini String Lights

You are probably familiar with traditional string lights. The bulbs are about an inch long and can be hard to blend into your tree or make your bushes look spiky. These 5-mm Mini String Lights are smaller and less visible, but they give off the perfect warm white halo glow.

C9 Lights

Do you and your neighbor go head-to-head for the best holiday lights in the neighborhood? Come out on top this year with these large C9 Multi-Color Lights. These are great for trimming the house and giving it that traditional holiday look.

C7 Lights

Walk into a crystal snow globe with these crystal-look C7 string lights. These are great for lining the sidewalk and driveway or even outdoor trees. These lights help to draw the eye up to view the rest of your dazzling holiday display. Choose pure white LEDs for a bright, snowy look.

Battery-Operated String Lights

Have you ever set up a holiday display only to learn that there isn’t an outlet nearby? Maybe you’ve put together a beautiful table centerpiece, but you don’t want a cord hanging off the table. That is where battery-operated lights come in handy! These are great for wreaths, mantles, tabletop decorations, and more where you don’t want cords showing.

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C6 Colored Lights

Do you feel like your house needs something more? Grab these C6 colored lights. With retro-style bulbs, you can add a pop of color with a familiar holiday style. Wrap these around columns or your mailbox to make a statement this season.

Get into the spirit this season and decorate for neighbors to drive through and view your spectacular holiday lights. Follow this guide to have your house looking like it was decorated by a pro!

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