Modernize Your Outdated Kitchen With These Upgrades

Stylish light gray handles on kitchen cabinets

Does it seem like your kitchen is from a bygone era? You can transform an outdated kitchen with some upgrades. These upgrades will thrust your kitchen into the modern era and turn it into a showpiece. Plus, they can add value to your home. With so many reasons to upgrade your kitchen,  now is a great time to get started. Check out some of the top options, and then get to work at transforming the space.

Modernize the Metals

Lighting fixtures, drawer pulls, and other hardware made of outdated metals can make a kitchen look more dated than it is. Swap the hardware out for copper, stainless steel, brushed gold, or matte aluminum metals for an instant upgrade.

Get Rid of the Upper Cabinets

Years ago, it was stylish to have upper cabinetry fill the walls. Today, though, people have realized that kitchens with upper cabinetry feel small and crowded. You can make your kitchen look larger and modern by removing the upper cabinetry. Then, fill the space with open shelving. You’ll love the new look, and the illusion of having more space is another benefit.

Paint Your Cabinets

Do your cabinets make your kitchen look dated, but you don’t want to replace them? A coating of paint can go a long way in modernizing your kitchen. Consider using a bold color for your cabinets. This is fun and funky and can take your kitchen into the modern era with a bang.

Install New Cabinets

You can leap into the modern era by changing your countertops. Outdated kitchens often have tile, plastic laminate, or vinyl countertops. Switching to a modern material such as granite, marble, brick, or concrete will update your kitchen’s look. Best of all, these materials are always on point, so you won’t have to upgrade them in the future.

Add More Seating

Kitchens are often gathering places, so modern designs include ample seating. You have lots of options for adding seating to your kitchen. Place stools at the countertops or bring in a bench for people to relax. You can also include seats around the breakfast bar. No matter what you choose, you will love this upgrade because it will make your kitchen more inviting and functional.

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Decorate the Kitchen

Modern kitchens aren’t just for cooking and gathering. They are also a place to show off your personal style. Add a bit of contemporary flair to space by including decorations. You can add shelves above your cabinets to hold decorations such as artwork or plants. If you have a stunning set of china, maybe show it off on the kitchen island. You can even add colorful fruits to provide some color.

You can turn your kitchen into a showpiece by incorporating these modern design elements. While you might want to tackle them all at once, you also have the option of taking on one project at a time. That way, you can stick to a budget while still making upgrades.

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