Maintenance Tips For All Hyundai Drivers

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Regularly scheduled maintenance is essential to keep your Hyundai running smoothly! The list can seem long and overwhelming but never fear! We at Bob Brady Hyundai are here to help you take the best care of your vehicle. Keep reading to discover our top tips and tricks!

Oil Changes

To keep your car running at it’s best, make sure you follow the recommendations for service and preventative maintenance. Fluid and oil checks are one of the most important checks you can do between regular oil changes. Always make sure your oil is filled to the maximum level. Brake and power steering fluids should also be checked regularly as well as your cars’ coolant.

Something a lot of people forget about is ensuring that the correct concentration of the wash mix is added to the washer bottle. This is an important check that should be done along with the wiper blades to ensure there are no signs of cracking which might impair driving and your vision during rain.

Tire Care

Sometimes we lose track of how old our tires are or possible damage that may have occurred. Tire damage and wear can come on suddenly so it is important to inspect your tires regularly. When checking tires, always look for any damage including cuts and nails that may have gotten into your tires. Make it a habit to check tire pressure when you get gas and adjust the pressure accordingly to ensure proper inflation because of 80% of problems related to improper tire pressure. Make sure your car is aligned because if not, your tires will wear more rapidly. Plus, you may feel a lot of vibration when driving! Another tip is to buy all four tires at once if possible and set up a rotation schedule when you purchase new tires. Tires are not a fun expense, but they are necessary for the longevity of your Hyundai.


Battery care is another recommendation. You certainly do not want your battery to malfunction and cause you not to get to and from your destination. Always check to make sure the cables are connected properly and no corrosion needs to be cleaned. On a side note, make sure that you have battery cables and an emergency kit in your trunk in case you need them. Being proactive will save you some big headaches and unnecessary expenses down the road.

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