Indoor Activities For The Summer

Mom reading with her daughter in the library

With warm weather and sunny skies, kids will do almost anything to stay outdoors during the summer. However, some days you’ll need to keep them inside the house. For instance, that includes rainy days and times when they don’t feel well. That’s when you can turn to these fun indoor activities.

Movie Marathon

With thousands upon thousands of movie titles to select from, you’ll have no problem choosing anywhere from four to six. If they’re old enough, allow them to pick out what they want to see.

Then, make a big bowl of popcorn and grab some beverages. You can either watch the movies with your kids or let them enjoy the time to themselves.

Craft Time

If you don’t already have crafts on hand, you’ll need to grab some. For this indoor activity, the sky’s the limit. You could purchase poster board and paint, clay for making miniature sculptures, or assign them a specific project. For that, they could work on a new door wreath or something else for the house.

Setting the Stage

This particular activity takes a bit of time, so it’s a great way to keep your kids busy for hours. Start by breaking down several cardboard boxes and taping them together to use as a backdrop. Next, have your kids paint a scene on it.

Finally, with or without your help, they can put on a play for the entire family to enjoy. If their friends want something to do, you could have them become a part of the prep work and play.

Gym Time

Find a local gym, indoor playground, or YMCA close to where you live. Even fitness centers often have special day passes specifically for kids. Just make sure the place offers activities that your kids like. While they’re burning off energy, you can relax with a good book.

A Fun Way to Learn

By spending just 30 minutes on the internet, you’ll find hundreds of science projects your kids can do at home. For example, they could make a “live” volcano or create a balloon rocket. They can also learn how a hard-boiled egg can fit inside the small mouth of a bottle.

Indoor Camping

For this, you wouldn’t have all the same things as though camping outside. However, with a few sheets or blankets, along with fake food, they can use their imagination. Most kids find this a lot of fun, especially when they’re between the ages of two and five.

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Visiting a Library

A lot of kids love to read. However, if your children aren’t huge fans of books, a trip to the local library could change their minds. After all, they can look at and check out all kinds of reading material. In addition, you could take them during a time when a special guest hosts story time.

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