Creep Into the Season With These Illinois Haunted Houses

Old haunted abandoned mansion in creepy night forest

You might have aged out of trick or treating, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t up for some Halloween fun. Instead of getting a sugar rush, you can get a fright at a haunted house in Illinois. There are numerous haunted houses in the Decatur area that pack in the thrills and chills, and some stand out as the best of the best. Get the details so you can enjoy a hair-raising experience this Halloween.

Necrosis Haunted House

If you’re searching for something with a massive scare factor, check out the Necrosis Haunted House in Rantoul, IL. This haunted house is regularly recognized as one of the best in the region and the state, thanks to the numerous scares.

When you arrive, you’ll traverse the World of the Wicked, and you’ll never know what might be around the next corner. However, you can expect jump scares, evil spirits, and more terrifying encounters. And it’s not just the actors who deliver the thrills and chills. The haunted house also has custom-built sets that are in a league of their own.

When you add it together, it’s clear that it isn’t just a haunted house. Instead, it’s a complete experience that will make you feel that you’re really fighting for your life as you try to escape.

Terror on the Square Presents Terror in the Graveyard

Terror on the Square has long been a staple of the Central Illinois Halloween scene. This Petersburg, IL, attraction is actually a haunted trail instead of a haunted house, but it has just as many scares. Like the Necrosis Haunted House, this haunted trail has racked up numerous awards, and it provides a chilling experience. And the organizers expanded it this year, so you can expect more heart-pounding chills than normal while walking (or running) through it. Everything is on point here, but the special effects really stand out. They’re so realistic that you’ll have the scare of your life here.

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Dacey’s Hollow Haunted Trail

If you want to embark on a haunted trail, you can also head to Pana, IL, to visit Dacey’s Hollow. A non-profit organization runs this haunted trail, and the profits go to charitable causes. The organizers might have charity on the mind, but that doesn’t mean they skimp on the frights. In fact, it has more frights than before because it’s a half-mile longer this year. Keep in mind that the trail is moderately difficult to navigate, so if you have mobility issues, you might want to select one of the other haunts on this list.

If you’re searching for the perfect thrill this Halloween, any of these spots will do the trick. In fact, they’re so chilling that you should try to visit all of them this month.

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