How To Make DIY Christmas Stockings

Hands holding needle and sewing felt christmas sock for Christmas and new year decor

This year, why not do something different? Rather than buy Christmas stockings like everyone else, make some for your family. As you’ll see with these DIY ideas, they’re not hard to make. Not only that, but many of them make a great family project.

Ice Skates

You don’t need to ice skate to love these adorable DIY stockings. Even better, you can make them in no time. For one stocking, all you need are two pieces of white felt cut into the shapes of skates. Then glue them together. Turn them right side out, dab on some clue to close the top, and use black ribbon for the laces.

Traditional Stockings

For more traditional Christmas stockings, choose felt in green, white, and red. As before, cut pieces in the shape of skates. Glue them together, followed by turning them right side out. However, this time you’ll adorn the stockings with cutouts in contrasting colors. Just glue them on with a bell or tassel at the top.

Festive Stockings

These DIY stockings are festive yet elegant. While you’ll still use felt, purchase the heaviest that you can find. Make one stocking in cream, one in dark green, and one in burgundy. Besides gluing on cutouts such as berries and leaves, attach a four-inch piece of contrasting felt at the top of the finished stocking.

Blanket DIY Stockings

If you have a fuzzy blanket lying around, preferably one with holiday colors, you can use it to make cute stockings. Instead of using felt, cut the blanket into the size and shape of stockings you want. You can adorn them if you want. One idea is to write each person’s name on the stocking with puff paint.

Elegant Stockings

A lot of people love shabby chic. Well, here’s a great way to make a stocking in that style. In this case, select felt in soft pastels. In addition, cut the shapes wider than a typical stocking. Next, add various trims that coordinate with the color of the felt. For instance, you can use tassels and lace. To finish the project, wrap them around the finished stockings horizontally.

Flannel Stockings

These DIY stockings look great. Because they’re made of flannel material, they’ll also make your home look and feel cozy. You can use different flannel pieces in plaid patterns or shirts that no one wears. Also, create a four-inch band using the same or coordinating material. After gluing some ribbon around the edges, attach it to the top of the stocking.

Adorable Reindeer

This is a great option if you have smaller children. First, use white felt to make the stocking. Second, glue a red pompom at the bottom to represent the nose. Then add thin strips of black ribbon to create a closed eye and eyelashes. Lastly, cut brown felt into the shape of antlers and glue them on top.

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Sweater, Mitten, or Sock Stockings

For these stockings, you can use a fluffy old sweater, mittens, or socks. Then attach pom poms or tassels to one corner at the top. They’re so easy. Even the kids can help you make them.

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