How To Host A Virtual Book Club

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You don’t need to live in the same city as your friends to attend a book club together. Instead of going to book club in person, meet up virtually. Virtual book clubs have all the perks of in-person clubs, minus the travel time. Plus, they are easy to start. Go over some tips, so you can host a virtual book club.

Choose a Virtual Meetup Spot

You need to select a virtual meetup spot for your book club. There are lots of options, including Zoom, Skype, and Slack. While Zoom is the most popular, keep in mind that you can only chat for 40 minutes at a time with the free version. Consider upgrading to the paid version or go with another virtual meeting tool.

Invite People to Join the Book Club

After you select the platform, you’ll be ready to invite people to participate. Send a casual message with the details, and then wait to hear back from your friends. You’ll probably get quite a few positive responses. Lots of people love the idea of joining a virtual book club because they can discuss a book without leaving their couch.

Choose a Book

You need to choose the first book for the book club. While you can simply select a book, that might not go over too well with your club members. Set some rules around how you select books. For instance, consider only choosing books released within the last year. Also, consider having members vote on book choices or rotate so that everyone gets a chance to pick.

Select the Date

It will finally be time to select a date for your book club. Pick a date your members agree on, and then start reading. You want to give yourself ample time to finish the book and think about it before the meeting date rolls around.

Meet and Discuss

Book clubs come in various kinds. Some take discussing the book seriously, while others use it as an excuse to meet with their friends. Choose the format you want for your book club and then hold your first meeting. Discuss the book, giving everyone plenty of time to talk. If you have a loose format, you’ll also want to set aside enough time for people to discuss things not related to the book. Again, this is a matter of personal preference, so set it up based on what you want out of the book club.

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Set up the Next Meeting

After you complete your first meeting, set up your next one. You’ll go through the process again, from choosing the book to reading and discussing it. Repeat the process as often as you want.

A virtual book club is an excellent way to expose yourself to more books. You’ll also love meeting up with your friends every month or so. Get started, so you can have your first meeting soon!

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