Get A Home-Cooked Meal At Pop’s Place

southern food restaurantPop’s Place in Decatur, IL lives by the motto “You are all family,” and that’s not just a catchy phrase. When you stop by for a meal, you’ll truly feel like you’re hanging out with your family. And just like a family meal, the food is always on point, so you’ll leave full and satisfied. Find out what makes Pop’s Place stand out among Decatur restaurants, and make plans to stop by for a tasty meal.

Mouthwatering Daily Specials

If you’re trying to eat on a budget, you can’t beat the daily specials at Pop’s Place! Each one is mouthwatering, but the Thursday special reigns supreme. That’s when you can get country-fried steak for just $7.95. It’s perfectly seasoned and breaded, so you’re sure to devour each bite. And with such a low price, you can come back every week to eat it again.

You’ll also want to stop by for the Friday specials, when you can choose from a variety of seafood or pork baskets, including the cod basket. You might have eaten your fair share of cod over the years, but the meal at Pop’s Place will still impress you. The fish is massive and comes with two sides. Be sure to include coleslaw as one of your sides. Coleslaw tends to be a hit or a miss at restaurants, but it’s a hit at Pop’s Place.

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A Regular Menu Full of Tasty Items

You don’t have to choose from the specials to enjoy your meal at Pop’s Place. The regular menu is also full of favorites, including burgers. They’re big, juicy, and so tasty that you’ll eat every last bite.

But what if you want some beef, but you don’t want to go the traditional burger route? That means you’ll love the horseshoe! You can start with a hamburger or go with chicken or ham as the base of the horseshoe. Then they’ll cover it with cheese sauce and fries, creating the ultimate meal. Pop’s place also has a ton of sandwich options, including pulled pork and fish. With so many choices, it’s a great place to take a group of people. Everyone will find their ideal meal when dining here, even picky eaters.

Is your mouth starting to water at the very thought of some home-cooked food from Pop’s Place? You can make your tastebuds happy by heading over today. You’ll be in for quite a treat when you dig into your food.

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