Find Your New Furry Friend At The Humane Society

Girl hugging her dog

You’ve likely heard the slogan “adopt, don’t shop” and prefer to rescue an animal from the shelter. It’s easy to find a new furry companion at the Humane Society of Decatur and Macon County. The animal shelter is open on Wednesdays through Saturdays from noon to 4 p.m., and the staff will match you to the ideal pet. First, get some details about adopting a pet. Then you’ll be ready to provide a forever home to your new furry friend.

Look at Pet Profiles

You can find the pets available for adoption on the Humane Society’s website or Facebook page. The Facebook page includes information about pets in the posts. If you use the website, click on the pet’s picture to find out more information. You can learn quite a bit about the pet just by reading the bio. For instance, you’ll find out what kind of home the pet thrives in and what to avoid.

If you prefer, you can also visit the animal shelter during business hours. Then the staff will introduce you to different pets.

Meet the Pet in Person

If you find a potential furry friend online, you’ll want to visit the Humane Society to meet the pet in person. This will give you the chance to see if the pet is a good fit for your family. If you have small children or pets at home, bring them with you. Then you’ll know if everyone gets along before signing the adoption paperwork.

Adoption Fees

The Humane Society charges an adoption fee for all dogs and cats. The fee covers spaying or neutering the dog or cat, vaccinations, microchips, and medical bills incurred during the stay at the shelter.

Dogs and puppies that are less than 40 pounds are $175. You’ll pay $125 for dogs over 40 pounds. The adoption fee for cats over a year old is $60, while the fee for kittens is $85.

This is a great deal when you consider that it covers the microchip and vaccinations. In fact, you’d likely pay quite a bit more at your local vet.

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Not Ready to Adopt? You Can Still Help

Adopting allows you to save a pet’s life. However, if you aren’t able to make that commitment, you can save lives in other ways. If you have free time, consider volunteering at the Humane Society. You can help care for and socialize with pets while they wait for their forever homes.

If you don’t have enough time, you can still help by donating money. Donations are used to buy medical supplies, cleaning supplies, pet food, and so much more. With your help, the animals inside of the shelter can be healthy and happy.

If you’re interested in adopting a pet, start looking today. There are numerous friendly, adorable pets available, just waiting for you to take them home. With your help, a pet’s life can change for the better.

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