Books Your Kids Will Love To Read This Fall

Mother And Daughter Sit On Sofa In Lounge Reading Book Together

If you’re looking for the perfect books to read with the kids as you cozy up on the couch this fall, check out these adorable fall-themed reads for kids!

‘Leaf Man’

Leaf Man uses real fall leaves for all of the images and tells the story of a little leaf who travels all around with the wind. Bonus: The kids can make their own leaf man with leaves from the yard, construction paper, and a little bit of glue!

‘There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves’

This book is full of silly, rhythmic text that makes it easy for kids of all ages to stay engaged as the story goes on. The ending of There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves is hilarious – you won’t want to miss it!

‘The Little Scarecrow Boy’

If you’re looking for a story of overcoming obstacles and facing fears, The Little Scarecrow Boy is an adorable fall-themed option. A great lesson combined with adorable illustrations makes for a winning combination in this fall book.

‘The Autumn Visitors’

In The Autumn Visitors, a family of bears experiences all of the classic fall events like trick-or-treating, the county fair, and Thanksgiving dinner. While many of these events are canceled this year, it’s always fun to reminisce and look forward to better times!

‘Leaves: An Autumn Pop-Up Book’

Leaves is a great book for kids of all ages! It has beautiful pop-up illustrations, educational information about fall, and plenty of interactive elements to keep kids engaged as they read.

‘We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt’

Kids who are fans of the classic kids’ song “Going on a Bear Hunt” will love the rhymes and musicality of Leaf Hunt. The children in the story explore fall as they go all over to collect beautiful leaves.

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‘How Do Apples Grow?’

This book is a fantastic way to teach kids about how apples begin as just a small seed and grow into so much more. Plus, you can follow the lesson up by making an apple-themed craft or baking a delicious apple pie!

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