Grab A Slice At Donnie’s Homespun Pizza

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Frozen pizza can get you by from time to time, but sometimes, you need a fresh pie. If you’re sick of frozen, enjoy a meal upgrade at Donnie’s Homespun Pizza in Decatur. While it can be a little hard to find a parking space, it’s worth the effort when you consider the quality of the pizza. Get the details to see why this is the go-to spot for a thin crust or deep-dish pizza fix.

Deep-Dish Pizza That’s the Real Deal

If you’re serious about pizza, you might have found yourself driving to Chicago for an authentic pie on occasion. Fortunately, the need for the commute is long gone, thanks to Donnie’s Homespun Pizza. The deep-dish crust rivals what you’d get at Gino’s East in Chicago. In fact, it’s so thick and deep that you’ll need a knife and fork to gobble it up.

And while the crust is deep on its own, you can make your pie even thicker with fresh toppings like pepperoni, roast beef, Italian ham, and grilled chicken. With so much crust and meat, you can easily get a meal out of a slice.

The Place to Go for Thin Crust

The deep-dish might be the biggest draw, but the thin crust here is a hit, too. You can also load it up with toppings. While you can choose your own, be sure to check out the specialty pies. The Sicilian thin crust pizza is in a league of its own. The Italian meats, cheese, and spices perfectly complement the thin and crispy crust. Now, if you want even more meat, the Heart Attack is a crowd-pleaser. With sausage, roast beef, pepperoni, and Italian ham, you’ll love every bite.

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Check Out the Calzones

You don’t have to be in the mood for pizza to take a trip to Donnie’s. It’s also known for its impressive calzones. You can choose the filling, so load it up and then dive into a delicious, filling meal. The calzones have the perfect balance of filling, and the team always cooks them to perfection.

While you can place an order for carryout or delivery, consider dining in to enjoy the full Donnie’s Homespun Pizza experience. Then, you can take in the cool local artwork and inviting atmosphere while enjoying excellent service. However, no matter where you decide to devour your pie, you’re in for quite a meal.

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