Save Your Pennies With These DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids

family having Halloween fun at home

You don’t have to put down the big bucks at the store to buy Halloween costumes this year. Instead, you can throw together a costume with a few easily accessible items. These costumes might be low-cost and easy to make, but they look amazing. Check out some of the best DIY Halloween costumes so you can get ready for Halloween.

Sabrina Spellman

Do your kids love the show “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?” If so, you can easily recreate the main character’s look. You just need a black skirt, red off-the-shoulder sweater, black headband, and knee-high boots. Once your child puts on these items, she’ll instantly transform into Sabrina and will be the envy of her friends.

The Scooby Gang

“Scooby-Doo” is one of those iconic cartoons that manages to reach generation after generation. If your little ones are fans, you can dress them up like the gang. This is surprisingly simple. For example, if your child wants to go trick or treating as Shaggy, dress him up in brown pants and a green T-shirt. On the other hand, if your daughter is a Velma fan, she’ll rock the look in a red skirt and orange sweater. Then, just style their hair and let them go out and get some candy.


Superman costumes might be expensive at the store, but you can make one without spending much money at all. First, have your son put on a T-shirt that features Superman’s iconic shield. Then, layer it with pants and an Oxford-style white shirt. Partially unbutton the shirt and add a loose-fitting tie. Finally, finish the look with some dark glasses. This costume captures the moment when Clark Kent is transforming into Superman, and since you likely have most if not all of the items needed, you won’t go over your Halloween budget.

Wednesday Addams

Did you grow up on “The Addams Family?” The creepiest family around has made a comeback, and now, little kids are fans. If your daughter is among the fans, you can dress her to look like Wednesday Addams. Start with a white collared shirt and then place a long-sleeved black dress over it. Finally, style her hair, and she’ll be ready to go trick or treating.

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Snow White

It’s also easy to make a Snow White costume. You just need a blue top, yellow skirt, and red hair bow. Then, style your daughter’s hair, and she’ll look like a princess.

These ideas should help get the ball rolling regarding your Halloween planning. Choose from one of these ideas or come up with your own based on your kids’ favorite characters. Then, raid your closets to find the items you need to complete the looks.

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