DIY Holiday Cards To Put A Smile On Someone’s Face

Family making Christmas cards

It is always a pleasure to send and receive holiday cards this time of year. But this year we may be sending more cards instead of getting to visit friends and family in person. We’ve compiled a few do-it-yourself holiday card ideas that you can drop in the mail this season!

Washi Tape Cards

This is a super simple card design that anyone can do. Grab a blank card of any color and some decorative washi tape. Tear five pieces of tape starting with a very small piece and each piece after getting a little longer. Place the pieces of tape onto your card to build a tree pattern. Add something special like a rhinestone star or foam snowflake. You can use all different designs of washi tape for this DIY.

Cotton Swab Painted Cards

You don’t have to load up with new craft supplies to make a cute DIY holiday card. You can make these cute Q-Tip Painted Trees with some clean cotton swabs, a blank card, and some paint. Dip a cotton swab into a little bit of paint and dot your design. This is a great craft for younger children.

Gemstone Ornament Cards

Add a little pizazz to your holiday cards with gemstones. This DIY Gemstone Ornament Card is simple, yet elegant. It gives the perfect amount of sparkle for the season. All you need is a blank card, large gemstones in any color, white PVA craft glue, and a fine tip marker. Glue your gemstones to the card in staggered positions. Use the marker to drop a straight line from the top of the card to each gemstone as if they are hanging from strings.

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Button Cards

This do-it-yourself button design gives a traditional feel to your holiday cards. Collect a few green buttons from your sewing kit or purchase some from the craft store. Tie a red ribbon into a small bow. Use a hot glue gun or PVA craft glue to secure the green buttons to the blank card in a circle to form a wreath. Glue your red ribbon bow to the top or bottom of your wreath.

Get the whole family together to make your holiday cards this season and turn it into a stay-at-home activity. Friends and family will feel extra special when they receive a DIY card in the mail!

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