Quick Ways To Get Your Car Cleaner Than Ever

cleaning car interior with portable vacuum cleaner

Deep cleaning your car doesn’t have to be expensive. You can clean your car at home with no hassle and little money if you follow the right tips.  If you are looking to give your car a makeover this spring, take a look and see how you can get your car sparkling clean.

Dust Your AC Vents

Did you know small foam brushes from the craft store will take care of the dust in your vents? For just a few cents, stock up on these brushes, and you will be ready to dust your AC vents whenever you need to.

Vacuum Dust

If you don’t want to brush your dust off your vents, you can always use a small vacuum to ensure the dust is being picked up. All you need to do is brush it off and let the vacuum do the rest. It’s that easy!

Replace Your Cabin Filter

Changing your cabin air filter is also super easy, and it makes a huge difference in your vehicle. If you notice a musty smell, chances are it’s time for a new air filter. Depending on the type of vehicle you have, you should be able to do this yourself with no hassle. You will notice a major difference in your air once this is done.

Throw Away Trash

You might be surprised to see how much trash is hiding in your vehicle. Take a grocery bag and collect trash as you move the seats forward. A trash-free vehicle is the best type of vehicle.

The Magic Eraser is Your Friend

If you have gunk on your vinyl or leather seating, gently rub the spot with a Magic Eraser and watch it disappear. This household cleaner can help with more than just a dirty kitchen!

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Use a Toothbrush

Since toothbrushes have such small bristles, they are great to use when looking to scrub material with detail, like vinyl. No matter how deep the dirt is, a toothbrush may be your answer.

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