Start The Year Off With A Clean Desk

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Whether you’re working from home or in an office building, your desk space is an essential part to your success. No one works efficiently when their desk can’t even be seen under a growing mountain of clutter. Take your ideas from your saved Pinterest and Instagram posts and turn them into reality this week. We’ve gathered a couple of desk organization tips to help you create your ideal work space. Get everything organized now so you can start this new year off as your best work self. We promise you’ll be happy you did.

Hang A Shelf Or Two

If you have a small desk, then shelves are your best friend. Put them right above your desk so everything you need is still close within your reach. Shelves double as a decorative element as well as an organizing one, so these are the perfect thing to add to your walls if you’re in need of more desk space and décor.

Move Your Plants Elsewhere

Your plants are beautiful and deserve a place where they can be seen, but that place isn’t on your desk. Try to keep all décor to a minimum on your desk top. This frees up space for all of your items that actually need to be there such as your computer, monitor, notebooks, and everything else. Move your plants to a nearby shelf or end table so you can still enjoy them from your desk, without them taking up all of your available space.

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Use A Whiteboard Or Corkboard For Notes

Instead of piling your desk high with notes, keep them all in one easy-to-access place. Put a whiteboard or a corkboard right above your desk. With a whiteboard, you’ll have the options of writing your notes directly on the board or putting your sticky notes on it. With a corkboard, you can pin your notes directly to the board, along with anything else you need to have right in front of you.

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