Causes Of Irregular Tire Wear

Checking Tire Pressure

Your tires serve multiple functions for your car. Depending on your type, they can keep you and your passengers safe in all kinds of weather conditions. Tires can also affect gas mileage and wear and tear on the car parts. Finally, tires can enhance the look of the car. But it can be frustrating to have tires wear out unevenly. Here are some common causes of irregular tire wear and ways to prevent them.

Uneven Air Pressure

Over time, tires lose air pressure, but they don’t always lose it evenly. In fact, you may have the front tires losing pressure more quickly than the back. Or, you may drive over bumpy roads or deal with a long commute full of potholes. Uneven air pressure can lead to abnormal wear on some of the tires. Regularly check all four tires to ensure they’re inflated to the optimal air pressure to extend the life of your tires.

Balance and Alignment

Poor wheel balance can cause the wheel to wobble, and poor alignment can strain one tire more than the others. Some signs that these issues are causing wear are tugging in the wheel while driving, a noisier ride, or rhythmic thumping. Eventually, these conditions can wear away the tread on only one or two tires, requiring you to replace them sooner than usual. By taking your car to your trusted dealership mechanics, you can ensure your wheels are balanced and your car is regularly aligned.

Bent Wheels Cause Bad Wear

You can bend a wheel in many ways, including hitting a curb or getting into a minor accident. At first, you may not think anything is wrong. But over time, you may see any number of types of tire wear. A bent wheel can cause a spot shoulder, which is when the tire wear occurs in one spot on the shoulder of the tire. If you have encountered any road hazards or you had a minor accident, it’s a good idea to get the car looked over, even if there doesn’t seem to be any visible damage.

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The Right Tires for the Job

There are many different types of tires, depending on road conditions, the expected weather, and many other factors. Placing the wrong tires on your car can lead to rapid wear and tear or even damage your vehicle. Additionally, having regular tires on during rainy or snowy seasons can lead to costly wear and tear and safety issues. Consult your owner’s manual for the proper tire size and type. The dealership is another excellent resource.

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