5 Ways To Beat The Summer Heat During Your Run

Woman drinking water after running in a public park.With the summer comes longer days and more time to exercise outdoors. But summer sunshine also brings higher temperatures, which can make exercise challenging. Here are five tips to ensure you stay cool while getting the most out of your summer run: 

  1. Get Up. Get Out. And Get at It.

The best time of the day to run is coincidentally the coolest time, sunrise. Working out in the cool of the morning helps get the blood flowing earlier and ensures that you can keep your temperature down. If you aren’t an early riser, plan your run in the late afternoon. 

  1. Drink Up!

Water is the foundation of life. It’s impossible to live without it, and it is vitally important to stay hydrated while working out. Water is also a critical component of maintaining and lowering your body temperature while working out. Be sure to drink water every 15 minutes of your run. 

  1. Keep it Loose. Loose Fitting, that is.

Wear loose-fitting, light-colored, breathable workout clothing to help draw sweat from your body and prevent the sun’s rays from soaking into your garment. 

  1. Pace Yourself

On average, runners need about two weeks to acclimate to temperature changes. If your pace slows during the summer months, don’t fret, it’s not uncommon. Keep a consistent pace, and don’t overdo it. Your body will reward you for your hard work and restraint in the colder months. 

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  1. What’s cooler than cool? Ice Cold.

Ice is a secret weapon against heat while running. Keep a cold bag in your fanny pack. Periodically, put a few cubes in your hat, running shorts, or sports bra, and you will stay cool on your run.  

There you have it. Staying cool during the summer months is critical. It’s not only important when running, but it’s also equally essential while riding. If your AC is acting up or you need a new cool deal on an even cooler Hyundai, call, message, or visit Bob Brady Hyundai. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff can help you find the cool new or used vehicle of your dreams or if your AC needs recharging our service team will be glad to take a look at it for you. 

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