Try Amazing Food At The Annual Culinary Cookoff

Culinary Cookoff

Do you want to try some of the best food in town all while supporting your community at the same time? Why wouldn’t you? Well, you have the chance to do just that when you attend the Annual Culinary Cookoff at The Good Samaritan Inn. This is your chance to show your support to an amazing local soup kitchen, and you’re going to get to taste some amazing food in the meantime. Sounds like a fun night, right?

Well, it’s all happening pretty soon, so you should mark the date on your calendar as soon as possible. It’s going down on Friday, March 13, and it will run from 6 to 8 p.m. Make sure you’re not late, so you don’t miss a single dish that’s being served up!

A Competition for a Cause

Wondering what exactly this event is about? Basically, students of The Good Samaritan Inn Job Training Program are going to go head-to-head with students at the Culinary Arts Institute at Richland Community College to create the most delicious dishes for guests to try. However, they will have limited ingredients, and they have to work in the short amount of time provided. Who’s going to come out on top? You’ll get to taste their creations and decide for yourself.

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About The Good Samaritan Inn

Haven’t heard of The Good Samaritan Inn before? Well, it’s one local place that you should definitely know about. This organization is a farm-to-table soup kitchen that helps feed those who need a bit of extra help sometimes. The funds from this event go to support the work that this organization continues to do on a daily basis, so you know that when you come out and enjoy this food, you’re truly doing something positive for your community.

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