6 Tips For When You Are Low On Gas

Detail with the fuel gauges showing and empty tank on dashboard of car

Do you find yourself putting off getting gas until the last minute? While this works most of the time, sometimes, you find yourself running dangerously low on fuel without a gas station in sight. When that happens, follow these six tips for when you’re low on gas. These tips will help you make it to the gas station, even if you’re coasting on fumes.

1. Pull Over to Find the Nearest Gas Station

You need to find the nearest gas station so you can fuel up before your car runs out. Thus, pull over for a moment and use your smartphone or navigation system to get directions to the closest station. Then you won’t have to drive extra miles to find one.

2. Slow Down

You want to get to the gas station as fast as possible. However, driving fast burns extra fuel, so you might run out of gas before arriving. Drive between 35-45 mph to ensure optimal fuel efficiency while driving to the gas station.

3. Turn Off the Air Conditioner

Your car’s air conditioner causes your car to burn extra fuel. This is true, even in newer cars. Thus, turn off the air conditioner as you make your way to the gas station. Every little bit counts when you’re about to run out of gas, so do this as soon as your low fuel light illuminates.

4. Roll up the Windows

When you turn off the air conditioner, your first instinct will be to roll down the windows so fresh air can blow inside the car. However, that will create wind resistance, which reduces gas mileage. Keep your windows rolled up as you make your way to the gas station.

5. Turn Off Accessories

You can also save gas by turning off the radio and other accessories. For example, if you’re charging your phone or have a GPS plugged in, disconnect them until you fuel up. This will increase your gas mileage, so you can go a bit further on the fuel you have left in the tank.

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6. Go Downhill if Possible

If you have the option, choose a route that allows you to drive downhill instead of uphill. This takes much less fuel, making it easier to get to your destination. However, don’t put your car in neutral when you go downhill. Instead, ease off the gas pedal to reduce fuel consumption.

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