30 Minute Holiday Side Dishes!


The holidays are here, and we don’t need to tell you how busy it’s about to get! If it’s your turn to host the holiday meal, then friends, family, and those who you love will all be piling into your house to feast on a plethora of dishes you have prepared for them to try. If you’re not hosting, then you’ll be scrambling the day before (or day of) traveling to another’s house to create a recipe worth eating. If you’ve waited until the last minute to find something, there’s no need to worry; we’ve created a list of a few amazing simple and quick side dishes that won’t stress you out but will also please your guests or hosts, as well as anyone who has the pleasure of tasting them.

Southern Mac And Cheese

This is one of the more ingredient-filled dishes on this list, but it still only takes 20 minutes to complete. Cook your pasta, make your sauce, mix the two in together, top with panko, then bake and serve a golden, crispy beautiful dish that everyone will want to try!

Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes

You’ve had mashed potatoes before, but you’ve never had them like this. This combo of heavy cream, goat cheese, and fluffy potatoes is one that cannot be touched. You can have a bowl of this goodness in just 30 minutes! The key ingredient there is obvious, the tangy goat cheese. Fresh chives and black pepper only accentuate the flavors.

Peppery Jelly-Glazed Carrot

The sweetness of the carrots and the hotness of the pepper jelly are a match made in heaven! This 20-minute dish requires very little effort and is virtually impossible to mess up. You only need four ingredients; carrots, chicken broth, red pepper jelly, and butter. Just cook the carrots while you create a magic pepper jelly sauce, then combine and serve.

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Sauteed Green Beans

We can all agree that vegetables topped with bacon should be a thing, right? Here’s that theory in action. Cook the green beans in the microwave, then top them with the crispy cooked bacon bits and sauteed onions. So easy, and so delicious.

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