10 Tips To Keep Your Parked Car Cool

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It doesn’t even take a blazing summer day to produce uncomfortable temperatures in the car. Even in the cooler autumn, your vehicle can feel this way. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to cool down your car while it’s parked. Stepping inside and getting behind the wheel can then be a much more manageable task.

Park in the Shade

Parking under a tree can considerably lower the temperature in your car, especially if you plan to leave it there for an extended period. If this isn’t available, look even for the smallest amount of shade possible.

Use a Visor

A sunshade or window visor can be your car’s best friend when it’s hot outside. Putting this up in the windshield will keep contact points from burning you. This item takes just a few seconds to set up and can make a huge difference even if you are leaving your car for a short time.

Cover the Dash

If you don’t have a sunshade or visor, the next best thing for your dashboard may be a towel or cloth. Spreading one of these over the top will cool down the dash. It can also protect the material from warping, cracking, or fading.

Cover the Steering Wheel

This is a part of the car that you can’t avoid touching when you drive. It’ll heat up quickly in the sun, so covering it can save your hands a lot of pain. A towel or sheet should work perfectly.

Roll Down the Windows Slightly

A lack of airflow in your car will make it stuffy. Rolling down the windows just a bit can promote enough ventilation to reduce the heat and make it easier to breathe. Don’t roll them down too far, though, as this is an open invitation to thieves.

Use a Garage

When it’s hot outside, a garage is a welcome sight to park your car. This might not be an option at every store or place you go, but use it every time you can. This can keep your vehicle much cooler inside.

Look out for Personal Items

Electronics such as cell phones can bake in the sun. Other valuables are vulnerable to theft or damage from the heat. Never leave these items in the car when you park.

Let the Car Air Out

You may be in a hurry when you hop in your vehicle to go somewhere. But you can save yourself some trouble by leaving the door open for a minute or two before you take off.

Take Care of the Seats

Sitting on hot seats isn’t much fun. Eventually, the air conditioner will cool them off, but you can keep them feeling comfortable, to begin with by covering them up with a blanket.

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Keep a Fan Running

It’s not practical or wise to keep your car running so the air conditioner can remain on when you’re not in the car. However, a solar-powered fan can keep the interior temperatures much more manageable.

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