5 Winter Art Projects For Kids

A female high school student is babysitting a young boy. She is giving him a piggyback. They are both doing some paint activity.

A female high school student is babysitting a young boy. She is giving him a piggyback. They are both doing some paint activity.

Like other parents, you love the wintertime. After all, this is when you and your kids spend time in the kitchen baking cookies. It’s also the time of year when they open Christmas presents and build snowmen. However, at some point, the excitement wears off. To keep your kids busy, consider any of these fun winter art projects.

Woods’ Inspired Artwork

If you live close to the woods or there are some not far away, take your kids on an adventure. For this, they’ll gather different things that catch their eyes. That includes pinecones, leaves, small twigs, and so on. Back home, they can create artwork using all the various treasures they found.

Bubble Wrap Tree

This winter art project is great for kids of all ages. You’ll need colored construction paper, small paintbrushes, paint, and bubble wrap. Your kids can use the paint to draw a tree trunk and branches on the construction paper. Then, they’ll roll a piece of bubble wrap in a ball, dip it in a different color paint, and blot it on the paper to make the leaves.

Foil Painting

This is another creative way to create a drawing using unconventional supplies. For this, you’ll need cardboard, aluminum foil, tape, Q tips, small paintbrushes, and two or more shades of paint. Then, have your children choose a famous painting to recreate. Line a piece of cardboard with foil, followed by taping it securely in place. Next, let your kids’ imaginations go wild as they use the Q tips and paint.

Keepsake Hand Tree

Not only is this art project fun to do, but when your kids finish, you’ll have a beautiful keepsake. First, buy heavy stock paper in the preferred colors. Second, you’ll need small paintbrushes, different colored paints, as well as pencils, and Q tips. Make the trunk and branches by using the pencil to outline your child’s hand on the paper. Then, let them do the rest.

Water Pistol Paint

If the weather permits or if you have a basement, this is another fun winter art project. For this, you’ll need to buy several plastic toy water pistols. Rather than use water, fill each with a different colored paint. Then, set up a disposable painter’s tarp on the ground or the wall. Next, place a large piece of construction paper on or in front of the tarp. On the count of three, let your kids go wild.

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No More Wintertime Boredom

Whether you choose one of these art projects or find others online, make sure to have your camera ready. With so many possibilities, there’s no time for boredom in the winter.

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